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  • (03) 9450 7600
  • office@openhousecic.org.au

Arts & Craft

When: Every Tuesday 4:45pm - 5:45pm

Where: The Welcome Centre, at Open House

For those people with a creative bend our Clubwork program, run during the week, is the place to be.

As well as arts and craft like painting, embroidery, carpet making and drawing there are a regular sing-songs, lunch, coffees, teas and coffees from our well spec’d kitchen and lots of friends – both staff and volunteers who are interested in what everyone is up to. Many birthdays were celebrated. Everyone is special at Open House.

Participants’ art works is entered into the annual Whittlesea Show – with many wining prizes.

A highlight in 2016 was a card making workshop where participants made beautiful gifts for their loved ones with string, ribbons, pearls, and special cards or papers.