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Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity

Nicholas* (who is now 20 years old) was referred to us from a local school to our Youth Workshop Mentoring Program (YWMP) because he was disengaging from school and had an interest in wood work. Initially he started off very shy with low self-esteem and was very insecure. As Nicholas continued to attend the YWMP and began to share a little about himself, his self-confidence grew. In the workshop, he enjoyed working with wood, and the desire to be a carpenter started to grow.

The staff at Open House helped Nicholas reconnect with the school coordinator, who identified an pre-apprenticeship course, which in turn motivated him to attend school regularly.

Nicholas was happy with the progress he was making, as well as the school and his extremely proud mother who couldn’t believe the positive change in her son. Nicholas was offered work with a builder for two weeks which lasted a few months.

Since then Nicholas struggled to secure a job and felt despondent and frustrated. Open House saw an opportunity to employ him for two days a week as a property maintenance coordinator. Nicholas thrived in his new role and his confidence and skills improved and continue to do so with every passing week.

After two years of employment and learning more practical, tangible and employable skills, as well experience, Nicholas decided it was time to go out on his own and put everything he had learnt at Open House into practice in the wider workforce.

Sometimes all it takes is to give someone a chance and to believe in them to see their life changed forever.
*Name changed to protect Identity

Featured Story 2

Thoughts From The Heart

Open House is proud to have incredible volunteers who partner with us in a number of different ways and programs and recently we asked them what Open House means to them and what volunteering  Below is one of their responses:

“Open House has helped build my confidence and self belief to a healthy level. When I first started volunteering I was unsure of myself, not wanting to do wrong and did not believe I was good enough, let alone have anything to offer here because I have been put down all my life and never felt good enough.

I was welcomed with open, caring arms that extended beyond when I was here at open house. When my brother passed away in July I was given support and genuine care above and beyond anything I had ever experienced from all the staff, but especially Wendy and Ann-Marie whose support and concern made me feel normal and the thoughts I was having were ok. These two ladies went above and beyond to support me and made this emotional time bearable expecting nothing in return. I still have a way to go but know that

I am good enough.

Thank You must be given to all the Staff, volunteers who made me believe in myself and that I do have something to give, also convincing me that my life is worthwhile.”

– Open House Volunteer

More Member Stories

Here are a couple more member stories for you to help you decide whether or not we’re a good fit for you.

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Bible Fellowship Volunteer

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