• 67-71 Strathallan Rd, Macleod, Victoria
  • (03) 9450 7600
  • office@openhousecic.org.au

Wednesday Fun

When: Every Wednesday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm (During the School Semester)

Where: The Welcome Centre, Indoor and Outdoor at Open House

Conact: Melanie Azzopardi & Tim Womersley

Open House runs an after school program on Wednesdays for primary aged Girls. The program starts in the hall, for example, with a game of dodgeball. Later the groups split into two for special activities.

Children get to experience, in groups of six or seven, fun, friendship and people who take a real interest in them as individuals.

The program includes fun activities, like learning how to track in the bush, cooking pancakes on an open fire, team games, crafts and park events.

We provide the girls an opportunity to develop new friendships and skills with an emphasis on friendship and teamwork, e.g., sharing and discussing about what has been happening in the last week and encouraging success.

Open House equips the children on the program with life skills, like socializing, coping skills, problem solving and healthy relationships.